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The PLASTEC JET Fan connected to waterslide.

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Ventilation for waterparks, natatoriums, and waterslides is a challenge. At this waterpark outside Chicago, Illinois waterslide high humidity is an extra load on indoor HVAC systems. The very humid air also creates an uncomfortable environment for guests. The pool and waterslide air are corrosive with chlorine, chemicals, and disinfectants used in the water. Chlorine is an extremely volatile chemical used in natatoriums, swimming pools and water parks as a sanitizer, disinfectant, and oxidizer. It is a highly corrosive gas that can deteriorate all kinds of material like steel (including Stainless Steel 316L). Keeping the pool user safe is a complex balance between treating the water with chlorine without causing problems for health, hygiene, and equipment. PLASTEC's corrosion- resistant fans/blowers are designed to resist the harsh environment created by chlorine and other corrosive chemicals used in natatoriums.


New design waterparks and slides solve this problem with PLASTEC Ventilation fans. Constructed from durable polypropylene, a thermal plastic, they are inherently corrosion, chlorine, UV, and humidity resistant. PLASTEC's fans are resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal solution for this application.

The PLASTEC Ventilation fan is easily connected to the PVC ducting. Fans placed strategically throughout the pools and slides pull out the high humidity air and bring in fresh air. This keeps the slides under negative pressure which helps control the humidity levels and ease the load on the indoor waterpark's HVAC system.


The use of PLASTEC Ventilation fans in waterpark construction is a successful solution. They are easily incorporated into waterpark and waterslides design. Their durable plastic construction eliminates the issue of corrosion of metal fans. The fan's design allows for easy maintenance making them a cost-effective choice.

They help maintain a comfortable environment and reduce HVAC system strain. PLASTEC Ventilation fans greatly improve guest overall experience and help provide a safe environment to enjoy the water.

waterpark ventilation

The PLASTEC JET Series is licensed to bear the AMCA Certificate Ratings Program Seal.

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