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Questron Technologies specializes in the production of automated lab systems out of acid-resistant plastic. The systems break down complex organic compounds and analyze environmental samples. The digestor systems are ideal for laboratories, fully automated, reliable, easy to operate, and corrosion resistant.


Acids destroy metals. Questron best this challenge by making the Vulcan, the world's most advanced automated sample digestion equipment out of super durable plastic. The Vulcan hot block digestion module provides heat up to 230C. One key component of Questron's digestor systems is the use of plastic centrifugal fans to ventilate the system and ensure proper air flow. A metal fan would quickly corrode. These fans are used to pull in air from the surrounding environment and circulate it through the digestor. This helps to ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the digestor are maintained at optimal levels, The exhaust fumes and air at 60-70C (140-160°) are pulled through the system.


Questron's PLASTEC exhauster pulls in contaminated air and removes it from the area. The contaminated air typically contains a variety of harmful gases and particles, acid fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. The pollutants from the digestion process can be dangerous if not properly removed from the environment. The PLASTEC Ventilation fan exhausts into a laboratory central exhaust system scrubber. Other Vulcan digestors have a Questron scrubber that treats the exhaust stream before discharging into a centralized exhaust system.

questron ventilation
questron ventilation

PLASTEC Storm Series provides Vulcan QWave, QWave, QPrep and Qash systems ventillation

This allows for efficient treatment of the exhaust stream close to the source. The scrubber is powered by a high pressure PLASTEC Ventilation Storm Series fan.

Overall, the use of PLASTEC Ventilation fans in Questron's automated digestor systems allows for effective ventilation and the removal of harmful pollutants from the exhaust stream. The plastic construction of the Vulcan system with use of PLASTEC Ventilation fans is a reliable combination.

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