ZEPHYR - Fan Selection Software

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ZEPHYR fan selection software has been specially designed by PLASTEC Ventilation to respond quickly and easily to your technical enquiries about our corrosion resistant fans.

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With a simple click, the selection software helps you to choose the most suitable fan for your application.

WARNING: After subscribing, you will receive a confirmation email -if not, please check your junk mail folder.

 How does ZEPHYR work?

  1. Login: After creating your account, enter your login and password
  2. Fill in the parameters of your desired fan (flow rate and static pressure)
  3. Select a fan from the list
  4. Access all the technical data of this fan
  5. Email or call us with the reference of your desired fan


  • Very easy to use and ergonomic: ZEPHYR software is accessible to all and only two parameters are required to choose a fan
  • Fast: Allows you to save time by obtaining all the information instantly and independently
  • Accessible: available in French and English
  • Available in international metric (m3/h, Pa) and US (CFM, inWg)
  • Production of a PDF summarizing the information regarding your selected fan

    You will find 5 tabs with all the information you need to choose your fan:

    • Graphics

      - Airflow curves for operation with or without frequency variation
      - Curve with network pressure drop
      - Possibility of adding a second point for the study of low speed installations
      - Display of acoustic data, at the operating point, the envelope and at the fan inlet and outlet. The entire octave band from 63 Hz to 8000 Hz is available as well as sound power and sound pressure in A-weighted form.

    • Fan data

    Data sheet of the fan with 2D side drawings. 

    • General data

    Find the motor data for the selected fan as well as general information such as drive type, materials, minimum and maximum flow rate and pressure, phase, amperage, voltage, operating temperature, weight, power. 

    • Accessories

    This tab provides you with an overview of the accessories available in addition to the selected fan. 

    • Documentation

    Various technical and legal documents are available for download in this section (declaration of conformity, technical sheets, etc.) 

    The data displayed by the software is for guidance only and PLASTEC Ventilation, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate selection.