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Why buy Plastec?

Plastec Ventilation is the leader in anti-corrosion fans and blowers. Built with Polypropylene, the Plastec products are also lighter and therefore easier to install. Finally, Plastec builds and ships from Florida standard products in 2 days.

Where can I buy?

Plastec has independent representatives that you can buy from locally. We also have a web store so you can buy directly.

Why buy direct?

You can access our full range of products and parts. We know our products better than anyone. You get free shipping in continental USA and we ship in 2-5 days from Florida.

What is the warranty?

The warranty is 2 years from ship day for the fan and 1 year for the motor. Any additional warranty beyond can be managed with us directly.

What is the process for returns and warranty claims?

Simply fill out the Return Authorization form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

What are your applications?

We supply many industries: water treatment, fume hood, chlorine and chemical, food processing and production, natatoriums and pool areas, cannabis production, battery storage, radon mitigation, oil and gas production, parking and garages, hospital and surgical centers, to name a few. Anywhere chemical or corrosive gases need to be exhausted.

Are your fans good for perchloric acid?

Only at a certain temperature and concentration. Polypropylene is the most chemical resistant material-see chart or ask factory.

How do I select a fan?

Contact us for assistance, we love helping our customers. The basic requirements are:

  • flow,
  • static pressure,
  • voltage

If you do not know flow, please provide area to be exhausted and how many air changes are required per hour.

You can also use ZEPHYR, our fan selection software. 

Can you help select a fan for a fume hood?

Yes, Contact us. Please provide fume hood size, duct run, how many 90 degrees. Fume hood manufacturers are required to provide CFM and static pressure requirements.

Do you supply accessories?

Yes, we supply accessories-just about everything from weather hoods to VFDs. Our Store can help you with selection or factory personnel can assist, contact us.

What is the temperature limitations or performance range?
  • Maximum exhaust is 140 F continuous and 190 F for 15 minutes
  • Minimum environmental conditions for operation are 5F intermittent and -39F continuous
Is your product susceptible to UV?

Our resin includes a HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer) additive. Our fans last over 10 years. The fan color may fade, but not degrade.

Do your fans come with a stand?

A stand must be ordered separately. Mounting is included is you purchase a weather hood.

What other accessories may I require?
  • If it is on a roof-you should have a weather hood
  • If it is a single-phase motor, you may require a damper.
  • If it is a three-phase motor, you can use a damper or a VFD.
Are your fans AMCA certified?

PLASTEC Ventilation is AMCA certified for Sound & Air since 2021. You can check the AMCA section for more details and to download our catalogues containing curves, sound data, and dimensions.

AMCA Seal for Air and Sound

Why would I use stainless steel verses polypropylene?

Primarily based upon temperature>140F(stainless is rated up to 250F exhaust) and one specific gas-ozone.

What is the lead time?

Unless otherwise stated our standard products ships in 2 business days from receipt of order.

Do you have in-line fans?

Yes, our JET series is an in-line fan. It is primarily roof mounted, but may be wall mounted with an optional wall bracket.

How much noise do your blowers make?

Typically, less than 85 dB; usually between 75 dB and 85dB. Please check our specification sheets at our web site.

Do you have stainless steel hardware?

Yes, stainless steel hardware can be provided.

The difference between the various series?
  • The PLASTEC Series is for general exhaust fans.
  • The STORM Series is for low flow, high pressure applications.
  • The JET Series is an in-line roof mounted fan.