Plastec Ventilation provides corrosion-resistant and explosion proof solutions for a variety of applications in industrial, commercial, and laboratory environments. From small local installations to large multinational companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify clients' unique needs and respond to challenges. Through years of experience in the field, we continue to improve our products and develop new innovative solutions to better serve the needs of our customers.

Oil, Petroleum and
Gas Industries

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Oil Refinery and Extraction Systems, Exploration/Upstream/Midstream Facilities, Natural Gas Compressor Stations, LNG re-gasification plants, Treatment Systems, Water Process Treatments, Drying and Dehydration, Exhaust System for Offshore Platforms.

Water Treatment, WasteWater,
Industrial Scrubber Industry

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Water Treatment Facilities, Reclamation Facilities, Wastewater Treatment Processing, Fume/Water Scrubber Systems, Aeration Applications, Sludge Processing and Drying of By-products, Pickling, Sewer and Water Tunnels, Wastewater Lift Pump Station.

Pharmaceutical and
Chemical Industries

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Medical Facilities, Research and Testing and Manufacturing Processes, Fluidized Systems.

Maritime Industries

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Cruise Ship Industry, Container Ships, Engine Room Ventilation Systems, Fuel Lockers Ventilation, Bilge Ventilation, Moisture Laden Applications.

Agricultural Industry, Surface
Treatment and Agri-food Industry

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Fertilization Ventilation, Chemical/Insecticide Exaust, Livestock and Poultry Exhaust Systems (AFO & CAFO), Equestrian Facilities, Dust/Humidity/Grease Control, Grain Drying, Material Handling.

Chemical Storage

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Hazardous Material Storage Buildings, Chemical Mixing and Dispensing Storage Buildings, Chemical containment Rooms, Paint Storage Rooms, Spray Booth Exhaust, Reagent Chemical Tanks, Chemical Cabinets, Portable Equipment/Storage Shelters.

Nanatoriums, Water Parks,
Municipal Aquatic Facilities

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Chemical/Chlorine Storage Rooms, Surge Tank Systems, Enclosed Tube Water Slide Ventilation, Underground Equipment/Chemical Vaults, Fitness Facilities.

Electric Automotive, Battery
(EV & Bess) & Storage Industries

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Lithium-ion Battery Storage Systems, Grid-scale Battery Storage, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Battery Enclosure Cabinets, Energy Storage Containers, Power Stations, Portable Energy Containments.

Universities, Institutes, Schools

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Science and Technology Laboratories, Biology/Physics/Chemistry Laboratories.

Laboratory Fume Hood

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Science and Technology, Biotechnology, Pancreatic Research Centers, Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, (BSL-1 - 4), Cancer/Research, Beam Therapeutics, Toxicology, Forensic Science.

Coastal Hotel/Resort Industry

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Back of House Exhaust Systems, High Rise Exhaust and Ventilation Systems, Anti-Salt Air and Anti-Salt Water Blower Systems, Coastal Restroom Facilities.

Cannabis and Hemp Industry

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Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation Facilities, Grow Rooms, Hydroponic Gardens, Greenhouses.

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