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Vapor Technologies manufactures in Hitchcock, Texas. Ninety percent of US major chemical and refinery installations have their equipment. Their equipment helps maintain environmental emission compliance.

They manufacture emission control equipment for many corrosive Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP). They will customize the equipment for your chemicals. The emissions, with air, are captured at the source by a hood connected to a scrubber system. The emissions with air and moisture are very corrosive. Their emission control equipment supports production and operations. Reliability of their equipment is critical. Another important factor is equipment cost. Poly units usually cost a quarter of stainless or fiberglass units and provide the same performance.

Vapor Technologies systems capture emissions from HCL acid drum and tank filling operations. The fan is the heart, the flow pump, of the system. It produces the pressure that powers the scrubber and controls emissions. The scrubber neutralizes the emissions to maintain environmental emissions compliance. A reliable corrosion resistant fan is a vital driver of the scrubber. Vapor Technologies customizes their systems for the customer plant chemicals and wants quick shipment. Carbon steel fans corrode in harsh environments. Stainless steel and fiberglass fans are high cost with long delivery times.

Plastec STORM Series

Vapor Technologies selected PLASTEC Ventilation fans for their Poly Vapor Scrubbing Systems. Under harsh conditions, the fan maintains pressure and flow through the system. The fan pulls air through the drum filling station, pulls negative pressure on the tank, and maintains scrubber flow. The fan pulls negative pressure on the tank and on the drum to control emissions. The PLASTEC Ventilation fan is great for this application because its all-poly design reduces fan failure due to corrosion.
The PLASTEC Ventilation fans can pull fumes in tough operations without corroding. They help reduce maintenance costs and downtime. PLASTEC Ventilation fans are lower cost than stainless steel or fiberglass fans.

The PLASTEC Ventilation fan for Vapor Technologies in the acid scrubber equipment is a success. They can quickly provide customized equipment. Equipment that is resistant to corrosive chemicals and able to withstand harsh conditions. The PLASTEC Ventilation fan solution provided the performance Vapor Technologies needed.

"The STORM blowers have always been very reliable and great for corrosive applications such as acid scrubbing."

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