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Titan Environmental is a leader in supply of specialty civil engineering construction products that help protect soil, water, and air. They needed a corrosion resistant PLASTEC fan to seal the lagoon.

titan ventilation
titan ventilation

PLASTEC anti-corrosion fans connected to lagoon float network.


A facility needed a cover system for a lagoon secondary holding cell to slow release of gases into the environment that cause bad odors and disturbances to neighbors. The cover also reduces infiltration of water. The installation environment was outdoors with exposure to sun, rain, temperature extremes, and the gases from the lagoon.


Titan Environmental worked with the client and design engineer on 40 mil LLDP liner and cover material. Wind can work to lift the cover away from the lagoon. Negative air pressure blowers were also recommended. The blowers were incorporated to keep the cover tight to the interior of the lagoon. This eliminates the need for ballast and prevents displacement of the cover in windy conditions, creating a seal effect.

PLASTEC Ventilation fans are corrosion resistant and an ideal choice for the application. The fumes from the lagoon contain hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide. They are usually high in humidity and can be corrosive to metal fans. Polypropylene blowers were used as they are the most resistant to gas corrosion and UV exposure while in service.

A network of floats installed beneath the cover support the geomembrane and provide paths for the gases to rise allowing the blowers to collect the gases.

The PLASTEC Series fans provide the performance to seal the lagoon cover. Titan provided turn-key service including engineering, design, technical assistance, material supply, and installation. Titan's expertise helped achieve the most effective cover.

titan ventilation

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