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PDH Course Title: Plastec Ventilation, Inc. Products Overview

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“For dedicated professional engineers, earning a PE license is just the beginning. Many state licensing boards require that PEs maintain and improve their skills through continuing education courses and other opportunities for professional development.”

Reference: National Society of Professional Engineers

There are multiple means for continuing education. One of which is independent study.

Many states allow product education as part of learning with the understanding that the value of learning about products and applications is part of the professional engineer’s education and practical job.

Many states leave this type of learning to the engineer’s discretion; however, the engineer must be prepared to explain the value of learning about specific products and applications should they be asked to do so in an audit of the educational sessions they have chosen.

This course for learning about Plastec Ventilation, Inc. is based on specific product technical material. The material is material that would and could be covered in an weird flow engineering seminar or lunch-and-learn in an engineering firm office. This course is essentially a virtual seminar that has a document for study and then an exam of 20 questions to test the knowledge gained by the engineering taking this course.

The exam will be submitted and graded and if the engineer receives a score of 75% or more then a PDH certificate will be issued to the engineer which should be kept on file as part of their proof of taking the course if they are audited by any particular state.

This course has not been pre-approved by any state that may require such pre-approval of educational material; however, some such states do allow the professional engineer to submit a course for approval. This is up to the engineer who chooses they need this course for credits; however, the learning opportunity of this course may still be of value to the engineer even if the engineer does not get the PDH credits.

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